March 29, 2023

To keep things interesting, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2 launched Season 1 Reloaded on Wednesday with a slew of fresh content, modes, maps, one and brand new Assault Rifle.

The Chimera, also recognized as the Honey Badger, is the most recent gun to join the game, but you must activate it before you can use it. Because the effective range of the Chimera is shorter than that of most Assault Rifles, it offers a more strong and eerily quiet alternative to a faster-firing M13B that shares the same platform.

The Chimera can serve as a flexible force mostly in short- to mid-range engagements as lengthy as the Operator behind it is able stay on target, possibly making it an excellent supplement to a rifle or LMG suited for larger distances in an Overkill Loadout.


This is how you get the Chimera in Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.

Modern Warfare 2

Get 2 Assault Rifle kills in fifteen different matches. This is a simple task. Gamers have also noticed that even if you leave the game after two kills, you will still work forward into completing the challenge. Don’t do it. It devastates your team and has a negative impact on your win/loss ratio.

DMZ Warzone 2

After discovering the Chimera in Constructing 21, extricate from a DMZ match. This is currently impossible, but this could shift at any time.

Building 21 is currently not located within the DMZ. It will be added in secret, and gamers will need to start figuring out how to get to it.

Players are likely to find a Building 21 keycard, which will enable them to access a 2nd DMZ map—Building 21—from the DMZ load screen. That’s really cool! I just don’t know once it’s going to go live.


The Shop Game

You can buy a bundle that includes a Chimera Blueprint. It costs 1200 COD points to obtain the Darkcell Blueprint.

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