November 30, 2023

The Samsung Galaxy S23, Google Pixel 7, and OnePlus 11 are just a few of the top Android smartphones that depend on the Google Play Store to deliver an exceptional user experience. It’s simple to love Google since it offers a huge assortment of apps and content, all controlled by the Play Store.

Most content these days requires a membership. There are certain restrictions, though. Only subscriptions that were originally started through the Play Store can be cancelled; subscriptions that were just used on your Android phone but started elsewhere cannot be.

For instance, if you initially started using Spotify on your Android phone without paying for it via the Play Store you won’t be able to cancel it that way. However, as another example, if you signed up for Disney Plus through the Play Store, you can manage your subscription there.

Start by Locating The Subscription You Wish to Cancel

To access the Google Store menu, launch the Play Store app and tap your profile symbol. Note: The Play Store’s design might change, but the overflow menu—which is now accessed via the profile picture—always has the payments & subscriptions option.


Terminate Your Chosen Subscription

Navigate to payments & subscriptions, then subscriptions, after the menu has opened. Find the app whose subscription you wish to cancel once you’re there. You will have the choice to stop or cancel subscription payments at the bottom (options will vary depending on the subscription).

If you only use the app for a certain season or if you only require a streaming service for a specific show and don’t need it all year, choosing halt payments is a decent alternative. But for the purposes of this manual, we advise choosing cancel.

Google will ask you again if you really want to cancel when you touch the cancel button. Additionally, it will draw attention to the pause option as the recommended cancellation alternative. Select no, please. Google will then inquire into your cancellation’s justification. If you are unsure of your answer, you can choose “prefer not to answer”.

Finish up

Your membership has been terminated. Use the money you’ve saved to treat yourself to a coffee outside.

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