September 22, 2023
How-to-make-google-photos-an album

Interested in making and sharing albums using Google Photos? Sorting your photos into personalized folders is a cinch with Google’s picture backup tool. Additionally, it has a number of built-in sharing capabilities that make it simple to share collections to loved ones.

The ability to create albums is one of Google Photos’ most helpful organizational features. These provide you the option to create personalized cloud collections from a selection of your library’s photos. Albums on Google images function like an online scrapbook of your best pictures, showcasing everything from vacation images to portraits on a specific individual.

Google Photos albums can also be clever: with a few simple clicking, Google Photos can add particular individuals and animals’ photographs to an album as you submit them. The back-up platform additionally renders it simple for sharing photos with friends and family. You may give a link so they can browse your collections, or you can ask them to add images to an album.

Our article below will take you though all of the essential steps required to create photo folder in Google Photos and show you how to circulate those cloud compilations with loved ones, whether you’re using the application for your smartphone nor the online interface.

Where Can You Create Certain Types of Google Photos Album?

Google Photos allows you to create two different types of albums: normal albums and shared albums. Although they have a lot in common and operate in very similar ways, there is also a significant difference between them.

Private collections of pictures from your Google Photos library are called standard albums. Only you have access to these albums, the description, and the ability to add or remove images. Therefore, basic albums are only a means for you to arrange your personal Google Photos collection. Similar principles apply to shared albums, but they involve teamwork. Anyone with whom you publish the album will have access to it and be able to view and download its contents.


How to Set up a Website Google Photos Album

The basic idea behind making an album in Google Photos is to choose several photos and place them all in one folder. However, there are two approaches you can take. Choose your favorite photos first, then construct an album from your selection, or create the album first.

First approach: select images and make an album

Follow these steps for the first approach:

  1. Start by visiting the Google Photos website. Hover your cursor over an image’s thumbnail in the main feed that you want to add in your album. There should be a grey tick in the upper-left corner. To select the image, click this checkbox. The image will then be displayed in blue. You can then repeat this for every image you’d like to add to the album.
  2. After selecting all of the photos for your album, click the plus sign (+) in the window’s upper right corner. You can then select a shared album or a normal album from the drop-down list (see above). You will be given the choice to either create a new album or add the selected photographs to an existing album, if you already have one.
  3. Select ‘New album’. You can give your album a title on the following page. You can also add text, a location, and a date range to your album by using the icons in the upper right corner. Alternatively, you can drag and drop individual thumbnails of an image to reorder them. When finished, click the checkmark.

Create an album and add pictures using method two

The alternate strategy is to first produce an album. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. In the left sidebar, select the ‘Albums’ tab from the ‘Library’ section. Click “View all albums,” then in the top-right corner click “Create album.” You will have the choice of typing a title. Then, you have three options. The first choice is to select already-existing photos from your Google Photos collection and add them to the Album by clicking ‘Select photos’.
  2. Alternatively, if you wish to upload photos directly from your computer, you can drag and drop them onto the album creation page or choose “Select photos” in the top right corner, followed by “Select from computer.” Any uploaded pictures will be included in your library and the relevant album.
  3. Do you want to make a self-updating portrait collection? Press the ‘Select people & pets’ button (above) on the album creation screen. A gallery of faces that Google’s AI technology has found in your library will be displayed to you.
  4. Select the individuals (or animals) you want to be featured, choose if you want to be notified whenever new images are published, and then click “Confirm” in the top-right corner. Now, if a picture is uploaded and Google recognizes the face as one you’ve chosen, the picture will immediately be put to the album.

You may locate the finished collection in the ‘Albums’ tab in the sidebar, regardless of the approach you use for making an album. After creating a photo album, you can add more photos using one of the two ways described above.

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