December 2, 2023

If you own a video editing Mac or iOS device and are looking for some of the best video editing software for beginners, you really can’t go wrong with Apple iMovie. For starters, it is included with your Mac and any ensuing updates—no matter how big or small—will be available for free via the Mac App Store.

It’s made to make it simple for you to make a short film, whether it’s to help you with a presentation, create enduring memories of your most recent vacation, or anything else. Despite being free, it nevertheless has a good number of features, some of which are less evident.

There are many of tools available here to assist give your content a professional post-production gloss, even though they may not compare to the sophisticated capabilities found in the top video editing software.

Its user-friendly layout is packed with functions, and ‘Titles’ is one of them. Text is typically the easiest and fastest way to display information on a screen whenever you need it, and iMovie has a number of titling choices that we’ll be going over in-depth in this video. Therefore, this guide will point you in the right direction if you’ve been wondering how to add text to iMovie videos.

Find the Menu

When you first open iMovie, all of your previously produced projects will automatically appear. When you open one by clicking on it, you will see three areas on your screen. Your timeline, where you construct your video, is located at the bottom. To the right and top left are huge previews of the items you are now hovering over. You can also use the spacebar to start playing your project from the playhead’s location. There is a small menu visible at the top of that last section.

Any of these can be clicked to go to a different section. Additionally, you may access them by choosing Window > Content Library from the menubar or by utilizing a variety of keyboard shortcuts. Click on it or press Command-3 to go to the titles.


There are at least 54 titles available for your selection. Standard titles, lower thirds, and end credits are a few examples of these. Lower thirds are used to display information in the lower third of the screen, hence its name. Simply move your mouse slowly from left to right (or right to left if you want to view their animation in reverse) over them to see them in action.

As you can see, we said “at least 54”. This is due to the fact that you can also access titles that are themed. Themes are a collection of coordinated effects, such as titles and transitions, that can help your project flow together more smoothly. Go to Window > Theme Chooser to pick one of them for your project. As you choose one, a handful of new titles will appear. Do note that you can change themes at any time during the creation process.


Add to Project

It’s simple to add a title to your project once you’ve discovered it: just click and drag it from the Titles Section onto your timeline. It will be dropped by default above your clips, allowing it to overlay any image you have. Once you’re satisfied with its position, move it left and right. Please be aware that your title may appear over several clips and even during transitions.

Move the mouse to one of its edges until the cursor turns into two horizontal arrows pointing opposing ways if you wish to vary the duration. After that, you can click and move the mouse left or right to alter the length of the title.

Customize Theme

You must modify a title after it has been added to your project. Nobody wants to watch your newest video and read “title text here,” after all. To do this, position the playhead so that it is over the title you want to alter in order to see it in the primary preview area.

You can type in whatever information you like by double clicking on it in the preview window. You’ll see that a fresh row of tools has appeared above as you proceed. These are some of the common text tools you might find in word processors. You can select a font from a list and modify it, but if that isn’t sufficient for you, the ‘Show Fonts…’ command is located at the bottom of that list.

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