September 22, 2023

It will be useful to know how to record the screen on a Mac. This is especially true if you utilize your MacBook and iMac to create presentations or other content for work, even if these devices have many uses outside of work.

You can record your screen activity to later use with screen recording, whether you want to store YouTube workout videos you like to watch every day for your workouts, catch an epic game game to show off to your buddies, or tape a workshop or instructional for anyone who couldn’t make it. Even better, you can utilize it to document a problem on your laptop so that technical assistance can identify it.

Despite having many applications, it’s also surprisingly simple to complete. We’re ready to show you how; in fact, this’s so simple that even a Mac novice can do it. The best MacBook and Mac on the marketplace costs a lot of money; one of the numerous methods to make the most of it is to master this skill.

Step-by-Step Mac Screen Recording Instructions

Shift-Command-5 is pressed

To begin, you must open the Screenshot toolbar, which enables you to both record and snap screenshots of your screen activities. To make your film a little neater and simpler to follow, make sure to prepare everything you’ll need in advance.

It is simple to get to. Simply hold down Shift and Command 5 to bring up the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. This toolbar is divided into four parts, the first of which contains the buttons for taking screenshots and the second of which has those for recording screen activity.

Tap Record Selected Portion or Record the Entire Screen

The Record Entire Screen & the Record Selected Portion buttons are located in the second portion of the Screenshot tool bar. You should choose whether to record your entire screen or only a piece of it before you begin recording.

The latter is the better option if you do not want the remainder of your desktop to be fully visible or if it includes confidential data that you don’t want viewers to see. Tap your decision once you’ve made up your mind.

tutorial-to-screen-record-on mac

Adjust the frame as needed

An customizable frame will show up on your screen if you clicked the Record Selected Part button. The portion of the screen which will be recorded on video will depend on this frame. Click and drag the borders or corners to alter the frame as needed. Keep in mind that if you choose the Record Entire Screen option, you will skip this step.

Make a Record

It’s ready to start recording when you’ve made the appropriate frame adjustments (again, only if you’ve chosen to Record Selected Portion). Simply select Record from the Screenshot toolbar’s rightmost side to accomplish this.

When finished, click Stop

Simply select Stop from the menu that appears bar at the very top of the display when you are done recording. You will have the option to preview and edit your recording before it is immediately stored as file on your desktop.

In addition to being easily accessible to all Mac users, whether of whether they use a MacBook or an iMac AIO, the built-in Screenshot toolbar in macOS is also highly user-friendly and streamlined, as is always so with Apple proprietary software. So much so that you can use it effectively on your first try without even having any previous expertise with screen recording or creating movies.

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