September 22, 2023

If you’ve been fascinated by ChatGPT like many others have, you could be wondering if this fresher smarter AI can make your Apple products wiser. You’re in for a treat because it’s feasible to include GPT-3 in your iPhone or iPad to create a voice assistant that is more intelligent and conversational.

Since its initial introduction, Siri has significantly improved and is really helpful. Fundamentally, its function is fairly simple, restricted to a few commands, and occasionally frustrating, especially when looking for information.

With GPT-3, users of the iPhone and iPad can take advantage of Siri’s abilities as a virtual assistant that can manage tasks with ChatGPT’s conversational skills. The greatest benefit is that it only takes a few minutes and all you need to access Shortcuts is a gadget operating iOS 12 or higher.

Any messages you provide the chatbot may be saved either permanently or temporarily, so Microsoft & OpenAI have a number of privacy-related questions to address. Remember that if you use this guide to link it to Siri, each request you make could be delayed, especially if you use the Shortcut to manage your connected house or conduct online purchases. As an alternative, you can get the brand-new ChatGPT app for the iPhone.

Tutorial to Use ChatGTP with Siri

Access OpenAI and look for your API keys

Go to & log into your account first. Go to your profile in the navigation bar at the upper right of the page, and and then select View API keys.

Into a note, paste in your API key

Application programming interface (API) keys are specific identifiers that are used to authenticate users and programs. This is what the Shortcut you are about to download instructs OpenAI as to what user account is seeking data from GPT-3 in this configuration.


Get the SiriGPT shortcut now

The SiriGPT shortcut should be downloaded next. There are several possible shortcuts, each configured a little differently, but we discovered this particular one to be the most basic and straightforward. It’s important to note that we did not develop this shortcut on our own.

The stages may fluctuate slightly depending on the shortcut you choose to employ, but they are often rather similar. If this is your first time using Apple’s shortcuts, there are some more detailed instructions in our guide for tutorial to use Siri.

In a nutshell, Apple made shortcuts available in iOS 12 to allow users to construct their own unique automation or commands for certain tasks. In this case, we’ll be utilizing a special shortcut created by an outside organization to increase Siri’s functionality with ChatGPT.

To change the setup, use the Shortcuts app

Open the shortcut that you recently downloaded by tapping the ellipses that appear in the top right of the Shortcuts application on the iOS device you’re using. You’ll notice a field marked “Add API key”; enter the key you previously saved here. You will be prompted to approve the shortcut’s use of your iOS device’s voice recognition and connection to the OpenAI API when you exit the shortcut.

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