March 30, 2023
Gameplay-Latern-Rite-Genshin Impact 2023

The Lantern Rite of Genshin Impact is a beautiful annual festival in which the folks of Liyue praise the start of a new year – and guess what? You are cordially invited! There are plenty of interesting developments and type of game to enjoy, as well as even more awesome prizes to be won.

The Genshin Impact Lantern Rite festival this year is called ‘Exquisite Night Chimes,’ and it is full of new, festive fun. You can obtain a four-star Genshin Impact personality as well as a lovely free Genshin Impact skin. We’ll see you soon in Liyue!

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When the Dates for the Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2023?

The Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Event, also defined as that of the Exquisite Night Chimes festival this year, begins on January 19. After the video game have ended, it is probable that event shop would then remain open for some time.

Before unlocking Lantern Rite, you must finish the Liyue Archon quests and Yelan’s story quest – although there is a fast start option.

Get a Free Genshin Impact Character

Amazing news: this year’s Lantern Rite will once again provide us with the opportunity to obtain a free 4-Star entity of our choice. What’s more, the best part? YaoYao, who was recently released, will also be available!

Not entirely free – you must trade 1,000 festival currency for your needs to act, but these are easily earned by having completed the event minigames. Below are the characters from which to choose:

  • Genshin Impact’s Xiangling
  • Genshin Impact’s Beidou
  • Genshin Impact’s Xingqiu
  • Genshin Impact’s Ningguang
  • Genshin Impact’s Chongyun
  • Genshin Impact’s Xinyan
  • Genshin Impact’s Yun Jin
  • Genshin Impact’s Yanfei
  • Genshin Impact’s YaoYao

If you’re curious to know that also free Genshin Impact persona to use, it depends on what you already have and who you use. You can also use our Substances that are produced Impact tier list to determine which characters are going to perform the best and base your decision on that.


Lisa’s New Skin and Second Blooming

Like Ningguang, who received a skin the year before, Mondstadt’s standout professor Lisa is receiving a new outfit this time. This can be obtained for free as aspect of the Lantern Rite’s Second Blooming event. In addition, Kamisato Ayaka will receive a new 5-star skin on February 27th, with a limited-time discount.

Login Events for Genshin Impact

Throughout the Lantern Rite festival, there will be a new login event. Could Fortune Find You is indeed the login event this year, and it starts running from January 19 to February 3. Players will receive 10 Intertwined Fates as just a reward this time.

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