September 21, 2023

Want to know how to display the battery level on your iPhone? We’re not surprised because knowing how much battery life your phone has left is useful. One of the most fundamental inquiries we frequently get regarding Apple’s smartphones is “How do I see my iPhone’s battery percentage?” Despite the fact that Apple’s smartphones are among the greatest ones available and are renowned for their innovation and user experience.

Since iOS 16 was released, iPhones of all shapes and sizes may once again show battery percentages in the status bar, giving consumers three different ways to check the battery life of their device.

Of course, battery life isn’t a big deal if you’re at home and have one of the best iPhone chargers close by, but if you’re out and about all day, being able to monitor your battery life is crucial to make sure you don’t get stuck in a jam.

While you consider whether or not to splurge out on the newest model, you can also look at our article on how to extend the life of your iPhone’s battery for some advice and methods to get you by. Let’s go over the alternatives for displaying the battery level on your iPhone’s widget and status bar for the time being.

How to Get Your iPhone to Show The Battery Percentage

Your iPhone’s battery level can be displayed in three different places: a widget, the status bar, and the command center. The battery % is displayed by default on all iPad devices, iPhone SE (2nd and 3rd generation), and iPhone 8 or earlier.

The technique you use to display the battery level on your iPhone is ultimately up to personal preference. You can like the status bar’s persistent reminder, a widget with more eye-catching design, or simply to have a quick and simple way to check the % through the command center. Fortunately, we have all the advice you require to make permanently displaying that proportion a piece of cake; just keep scrolling.


How to Display the iPhone Battery Level in the Status Bar?

Access settings

To begin with, unlock your iPhone and go to the Settings app. Open the app, then get to the Battery menu by scrolling down.

Display battery life

You can choose Battery Percentage from the Battery menu. Toggle it, and the percentage will always be visible in the top-right corner of the Home screen.

The Best Way to Locate The Battery Percentage on the iPhone Command Center

This one only needs one action: to pull down the control panel and reveal the battery level in the top-right corner, swipe downward from the top-right of the screen. That is the quickest method, but it necessitates routine battery maintenance.

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